Blue Moon Chronicles, is a Source Engine mod, developed by Black Eclipse team. 

24 october, 2010

Hello. 3 days ago, i created a moddb page for our website:
Blue Moon Chronicles on Moddb
Soon, the second story chapter is going to be released. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it.

27 september, 2010

Hello. Well, I'm writing this because I'm back! Our team has been having a vacation, and  since few weeks ago, we started working on the mod again. The mapper (Napalm) is working on the maps, i'm  working on the textures, and I also am working on a 2D version of the game. Also, we have a new team mate in our developing team, TheAdminJr. He is going to be in charge of Modelling and we both will code the engine.

25 april, 2010

Hey. Sorry for not updating this for a while since I was kinda busy, and the team had some "technical problems". I got some news, the guy who made the soundtrack for the mod will keep making more songs for us, as also he will make an extended version of  the main soundtrack. I'm also working on the second chapter of the story.


9 february, 2010.

Hello. Vatsel, Just made the sketch of John morgan. you can see it here:

-John Morgan

I wanna say thanks to Vatsel, He's a great guy :D . If anyone wants to check out other of his great projects, you can check them on his website :
-Vatsel''s Web
3 February, 2010.

Just finished the story, I hope you like it.

Attention: Hit the Expand/Collapse button to read the chapter 1 !!


 23 January, 2010.

The mod story: John Morgan, a British  police inspector, that hears about strange things happening in the British lands. He dismissed the news, until he hears about the dissapearance of Sadie Glen, a policewoman ,when she was investigating this mysterious case. Sadie Glen is an old friend that helped him in the past, when he lost his memory. He decides to find her and figure out what is going on.

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